Good Code

Recently I come up with this idea of writing a blog which is about programming related things that I will learn during the constant learning process of my life. Also I would like to share the reason behind this action. Well the first reason is it helps to have all the necessary practical knowledge in one place. It could be an online notebook from general to specific part of a particular tools or language or a way of thinking I have learned so far which basically provide the opportunity to take a look at it once in a while and maybe plan the next move or tune up the vision. Also as I believe in compound effect the same as most of the people, I am sure that it could be a help for me and others in the present or future who would be in same situation like me to start with pragmatic approach so it’s also a way of contribution to the software developer community even with my incomplete knowledge. So as might know already, the purpose of this blog is dealing with all the things related to software design and development in different languages along with the journey of my knowledge acquisition. As I consider myself a new born in this community comparing to lots of guys such as Robert C. Martin, Steve Wozniak, Martin Fowler and Kevlin Henney and so many more, I considering it would be nice to start with my recent activity which was attending to the Good Code workshop presented by Kevlin Henney.

Soon I am going to summarize what I have learned from this workshop, so if there is any mistake or misleading example or bad explanation is all obviously from my side. I would like to Thank Kevlin Henney for his considerate attitude to explain every topic and idea in such a great detail and his unique sense of humor to made the  fun atmosphere and sharing his great knowledge and experience.